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May 2014 Update

ideateam played three shows back to back this memorial day 2014 weekend, closing out what has been the busiest month yet for the band.

There is alot brewing in our camp these days and we’ll be more frequent with updates on this site as well as our other platforms. We’ve got a nice little instrumental album mastered and currently in post production which will soon be available both online and at live shows.

Live, the band is evolving into a tighter ship with the current line-up and song list more than ever before. The latest sets have developed a flow of original material and obscure groove covers, both instrumental and with vocals.

We’re taking the month of June to get things in order and work out some new material for the run of festivals and club shows later this summer. Updates and announcements to follow….!



fall shows!

Hey folks!  Thank you for joining us this summer and particularly at the Family Affair at Harlow’s.  We were honored and delighted with the privilege and the reception we got (that’s fancy talk for ya’ll fellas and ladies were getting crazy… and we liked it.)  Ideateam has been lucky enough to have some really awesome fans and it seems our little community is growing–we are still trying to wrap our collective brains around how to continue fostering that and spreading the word.  Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to help!

So what’s coming up?!

Well we got some show dates, here they are:

Fri. Sep 27th – Beatnik (impromtu short set) — 10:30′ish, F R E E spells FREE!
This is the last Final Friday at Beatnik’s old location on 17th street and we are pleased and honored to be involved for it’s hurrah!  If you haven’t checked out the new Beatnik location yet though do it!
Tues. Oct 15th – Boom Boom Room – 11:30, 5$
EGG – 9:00-9:45pm ZUHG – 10:00-11:15pm IDEA TEAM – 11:30 – 12:30 + if crackin!
Ideateam’s debut/foray in the bay area, and we’re doing it big with Zuhg and Egg!!! Very excited about this one.  Definitely a bucket list venue for us.  We are pumped!

We also have another Harlow’s date and a Davis date in the works, more details to come soon!  Also will be putting some video up soon, so look out for that.  Thanks for the support!

-love Ideateam

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